Forrest Fenn Scrapbooks Download Page

The downloads listed on this page are archived (zip) files. Each archive contains numerous files. Each file is a page from the blog saved in a .pdf format. The archives are very large, anywhere from 25MB to 70MB each, and contain about 20 .pdf pages so they will take some time to download to your computer. FYI: It took less than a minute to download the Scrapbook 01 Archive to my computer.

The downloads are free. You have my permission to keep and read the files forever. No contribution is required. However, if you would like to make a contribution via PayPal to cover some of the costs and time to make these downloads possible, it would be appreciated. Just click on the logo:

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The following archives contain posts written by Forrest Fenn on Dal’s Thrill of the Chase blog between 2012 and 2020 including Scrapbooks, Passages, Aberrations, Treasures Bold, Speed Bumps and Vignettes They also include a couple posts referred to in Forrest’s Scrapbooks such as “Litter 81 Found” and “The Tewa Connection”. Some links embedded in the posts will not work. Videos embedded in the pages will not play but links to videos that are still available should work.

Also included here are links to the entire Forrest Gets Mail posts from the blog, Forrest’s working version of Rumblings and Ramblings and Marvin Fenn’s Fishing Log that was kept in Forrest’s library.